Flooring - Raised Floor System

QA JS 601 / 602

QA JS 501 / 502

Tech JS 600

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Q.A. System JS501 502

Features and Benefits

  • Completely non-combustible
  • Excellent fire performance
  • No deterioration with age
  • No effect when attacked by moisture and termites
  • Cementitious core gives the feeling of walking on a solid floor
  • Epoxy powder coating offers lifetime protection
  • Simple and easy upgrading with truly interchangeable panels
  • Superior ultimate and impact loads performance.
  • 28mm deep gives largest space for cabling
  • Small size and light weight for easy handing
  • Both corner lock and stringer system give the same loading and leave same space for cabling and E&M services.
  • Panel size matches popular size of carpet tiles
  • Excellent grounding and electrical continuity

Maximun Underfloor Space

  • Insurance, FOREX and stock exchange companies, banks, general offices, computer training rooms, classrooms.

Specifications Chart


Bare Panels

Type of panel Grade Panel Size (mm) Concentrated Load

Uniform Load


Ultimate Load




U668 500x500x16/28 >668 >3000 >306 >6700 40033
JS 501 U800 500x500x28 >800 >3560 >363 >8000 44500
JS 502 U1000 >1000 >4450 >454 >12000 55416

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