Steel-framed Drywall Partition System

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  • The Steel-framed Drywall system includes lightweight, non-loadbearing partitions. It consists of studs and runners fabricated from hot-dip galvanized steel and gypsum wallboard which is attached with self-drilling drywall screws.
  • Our steel studs and runners comply with ASTM C645 Standard.


  • The advantages of steel stud framing are non-combustibility, uniformity of dimension, lightness of weight, freedom from rot and moisture problems, and relative ease of erection.

  • The components of steel frame systems are manufactured to fit together easily, generally are friction fit (no fasteners) expect at doors, window, etc.

  • The 'Bracer' device provided at web of studs for placing bracer channels where increased rigidity is required.

  • Steel stud framing is available in several widths to accommodate in range of uses.

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