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Track & Wheel Trolley System

Introduction of Topanel Track & Wheel Trolley System

AL200 Track

AL200 Wheel

  • The wheel systems of Type 700 are made from POM particle material with steel ring casting and without any nylon material.
  • The wheel system of type 200, 4 wheeled Carrier and Type 400 wheel trolley systems are made from POM particle material imported from Dupont Company, USA (without any nylon material).

AL400 Track

AL400 Track

4-wheeled Carrier Track

4-wheeled Carrier Wheel

AL700 Track

AL700 Track

Topanel Type 50 Automatic Turning Tracks systems:

  • 'Topanel' 50 heavy-duty automatic turning tracks are our own patent products. Its material is 6063T6 aluminium alloy with high density and low weight.

  • The bottom circular opening assue no deviation at the track joints.

  • The Turn does not need special guide plate. It can joint with the guide beads affixed on the chain wheels and the moving path of the partition screens can be pre-set, which allow the product to have an automatic turning function.

Type 50 wheel Trolley

  • 50 wheels trolley are made from reinforced steel. high strength 63 series mechanical bearings are used for the wheels and mechnical processing molding is taken for the entire wheel base, without weld jointing. 

  • The strength is far higher than other similar products in the market.

  • There are 2 sets of 50 wheel trolley per panel for 'Topanel' Type 3000 series (8mm and above). maximum loading of one 50 wheel trolley is 1500kg.

Type 50 Automatic Turning Tracks

Type 50 wheel Trolley

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