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The Advantage of Topanel Products

  • The aluminium material used for all main parts of 'Topanel' track and panels system, such as frames, telescopic piece, top & bottom seals is 6060T6 (the heightest standard number for aluminium alloy) high-strength industrial aluminium alloy produced by Belgium Aliplast Group.

  • The internal frame works of all 'Topanel' panels system are bent and formed by high quality steel plate produced by Shanghai Bao Steel Group.

  • All panels sealants used by 'Topanel' are special sealants made from most up to date oxidation-resistant PVC materials.

The Aluminium sections used for male and female seal system used for all 'Topanel' systems:

  • A)  'Topanel' aluminium made seal are special type M design. The connection method is to two length of the M type aluminium section directly extended into the internal frame works and fit in with the branching connection. So there are no screws on the external surface of the panel and the connection is more compact.

  • B) There is a special design for 'Topanel' female seal system which has two additional female sections extending into the panel, which strengthen the sound isolation effect.

  • C) The top & bottom seals are completely moulded by two M type ABS die cast sections, completely seaed and closely fixed after built in, which can effectively increase the sound isolation performance.

Topanel Wheel Trolley System:

  • The wheel system of type 200, 4 wheeled Carrier and Type 400 wheel trolley systems are made from POM particle material imported from Dupont Company, USA (without any nylon material).

  • The wheel systems of Type 700 are made from POM particle material with steel ring casting and without any nylon material.

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