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  • Tee Grid Ceiling System is designed and manufactured with strict confidence to meet the requirements of suspended false ceiling system for commercial, institutional and industrial building, in which acoustical and aesthetical properties can be achieved by our Tee Grid Ceiling System.
  • The system main tee and cross tee are equipped with a effective self-locking (Plug-in) device so as to save a lot of manpower. Furthermore, all components are made of hot-dip galvanized steel to JIS G3302 standard and capped with precoated white colour steel strip for the exposed surface, in order to attain the structural strength, durability and aesthetic. Kirii Tee Grid Ceiling System are tested in accordance with ASTM C635 standard based on the limited of deflection criterion 1/360 of simple span.

Tee Grid Ceiling System are available for

  1. Exposed T-Grid System
  2. Semi-Concealed T-Grid System
  3. Concealed T-Grid System
  4. Design Ceiling Modules System
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