Metal Ceiling System

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Metal ceilings are used extensively in schools, hospitals, departments stores, offices, railway stations, pharmacy companies, and also in exterior walkways, passages and pedestrian tunnels.

Due to the emphasized beveled joints ceiling surfaces have an aesthetically harmonic appearance comprised of square or rectangles.

The panels are produced from -

  1. galvanized steel
  2. stainless steel
  3. aluminum with or without perforations.

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The ceiling system are available in

Surface Finish
The surfaces are powder-coated in matt-white paint after the mechanical treatment. Surface finished can be supplied in special colours if required

Design and Function
The design flexibility of metal ceiling systems enables the designer. even in the early planning stage, to incorporate his functional requirements and adapt them one to another. Individual architectural design requirements and optimum technical performance can be satisfied by the unique adaptability of systems.

Integration and Mobility
Metal ceiling can be combined with other construction elements or proceed in itself a performance activated unit. Each individual ceiling panel can be removed from the sub-structure without the use of tools, thus providing overall access to the ceiling void. This facility means that service installations of all kinds are accessible for maintenance or subsequent additional effected at a favourable cost, and are completed quickly without any major conversion work.

Technical Service and Solution
Our technical specialists will advise architects, building contractors on construction detail problems. Technical data sheets and leaflets provide a regular and extensive review of all the technical applications of metal ceiling systems.

Materials and Fixing
Metal ceiling systems are lightweight suspension ceilings. They can be installed quickly and cleanly. Premises are available for occupation practically immediately after completion of the installation of the ceiling membranes as panels are prefinished and require no further decoration. According to individual requirements, tiles or panels can be supplied in galvanized steel or aluminum. High grade powder-coating is factory applied by the electrostatic process to ensure corrosion protected visible surfaces. Different colour configurations for special effects including pre-coloured aluminum and high-grade steel are available.

Sound Absorption
According to requirements, different surface perforations of 6 - 30 % open areas are available. Sound absorbent pads or acoustic fleece are available to achieve acoustic absorption.

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