Asano FG Board Curved Ceiling System

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Installation Dome Ceiling

Curve25_s.jpg (36758 bytes) Asano FG Board is the newest building materials specially for Curved Ceiling.

It has warm, soft color and soft surface, durability and flexibility for applying on the curve

Our Curve Ceiling System are :

Easy Installation



Custom Size Available

Features & Application

  1. Easy sawing, nailing. Good performance in processing and installation.
  2. It has high flexibility which is corresponding to the features of Flexible Board in its impact and bending strength.
  3. Moreover, due to high flexibility, easy installation on the gentle curved face. Also it shall be available on the curve when it be saturated with water.
  4. Less size expansion / construction by moisture. Suitable for interior wall due to it's size stability.
    ( It's better to do waterproof especially for wet usage ).
  5. The material is neutrality. It has good features for the bare board of painting because of its density and smoothness of the surface.

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